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What are the minimum requirements for a Wireman License?

-Requirements for a single phase license are Trade test and N2 certificate with Maths, Science OR Industrial Electronics and Electrical Trade Theory OR Electro-technology.

-Requirements for a three phase license are Trade test, Installation Rules Paper 1 & Paper 2 and N3 certificate with Maths, Science OR Industrial Electronics and Electrical Trade Theory OR Electro-technology.

Who can apply for the Moderator, Assessor and Facilitator courses?

These courses are there for individuals who want to take the next step in their careers. Individuals who are already established and possess the relevant qualifications in the fields they operate in. 

DO I need to have any special qualifications for the SOLAR PV Training?

The Solar PV course is very beginner friendly and does not have any special requirements however a basic understanding of electricity will be advantageous.

What are your payment methods?

Payments can be made either by cash or card at our offices or can be done via an EFT. Candidates are advised to send their proof of payment after making a transaction. 

What do I get after completing the SOLAR PV Training?

The Solar Pv Training only provides extensive preparation for the SOLAR PV Assessment and provides you with a certificate to show that you are prepared for the Assessment.. WCC does not offer the Assessment yet but be on the lookout.

Do I have to do Installation rules to become a certified Wireman?

Installation Rules is pre requisite for the 3-Phase installation Wireman License. If you are interested in acquiring a 3-Phase Wireman License this course is mandatory.

WCC offers N4, N5 and N6. Each of these course take a maximum of 3 months to complete. The breakdown of the costs differ per qualification. and respective subjects however the duration remains 3 months.

1) Attendance:

   a. Attendance during the registered time is Mandatory. Once a       student has started       attending  the course during the registered   course    dates and attendance can no longer be fulfilled, new       registration will be registration will be required  and all   previous funds    paid to the institution will be forfeited

   b.  In the case of emergency, students should                  produce       relevant proof and will be instructed     by the administrators on what     the next step will be

2) Tools:

  a. Tools signed out by students will remain the     property of WCC   Assessment. However, should any tools be damaged or go missing,     while in your care, you will be held liable to replace the respective tools

3) Re- assessment:

  a. Should a student be found not yet Competent(NYC)

  you will be required to attend a mandatory file review   followed by a scheduled Re-Assessment. Re-  assessment costs R1500

4) A maximum period of 1year (12months) is given to students after their course to submit outstanding documents failure to which they forfeit competency, and will have to start the course afresh

How long does it take to complete one of the N courses?

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